5 Ways to Use Custom Game Apps

As a business owner, you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to establishing product brands and making sure that people think of you first when it comes to a relevant purchase. From finding new customers to retaining existing ones, custom game apps may be of more use than expected. Have a look at how even one well designed custom game app can advance multiple business goals.

Keep Your Name on People’s Minds

No matter whether you are standing on a long line at the grocery store, waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or stalled out waiting for some other event to occur, chances are you look to your smart phone to pass the time. These days, many people play all kinds of games to relieve their boredom. Therefore, a well designed, appealing game app may be the perfect way to keep your business name and products on people’s minds. Here are just a few places where you can easily insert your business name without interrupting the flow of the game or making it seem invasive:

  • Name the game after your company. As soon as people search for game apps, they will immediately see the name of your business connected to a game variant of interest to them.

  • Make sure that the name of your company is either visible in the icon for the app, or that the description under the icon features the name of your company as the first words. If you come up with a game that is favoured by people that download it, there is every chance that the name of your business will constantly be seen on the front page of tablets and smart phones of people that downloaded the app.

  • As the game is loading, you can include the name of your business on the splash screen and a very brief description of the products you sell. For example, if your company sells creative looking paper clips, then you might say “Game X is proudly sponsored by (your company name), a manufacturer of novel paper clips”. At this point, you may also want to include a fast loading picture of your products. It is very important to keep this message very brief and not allow it to stop the game from loading. Later on, you can include a link on the main play screen so that people can visit your site at their leisure.

An Easy Way to Slip in Ads and Product Information

When you build a game app, there are many places where you can insert info about your product into the game play. This can be direct information about the features of the products, as well as surrounding information about how people use the product in question. For example, going back to the paper clip example, you could do the following with very little effort:

  • no matter whether the game variant you choose is an item/puzzle or word search, classical game such as mah jong and Tetris, or something more along the lines of a Zynga offering, you can ask players to look for specific items. In this case, you might ask people to search for a specific paper clip type during the course of the gameplay. Alternatively, a specially coloured paper clip might pop up at random moments and impart some kind of reward in the game.

  • Characters in the game might demonstrate the use of the product as they guide players through the game. Remember, if you already know how people use your product in every day life, it is entirely possible to build a game around those aspects of daily life and include references to your product. Just look at how popular games based on running a restaurant, going shopping, or even gardening are in terms of the number of app downloads and player retention.

  • While you are gaining anywhere from just a few minutes to several hours of attention each day for your company, do not forget to make sure that your product is always portrayed as a winning element in the game. When people can solve game related problems using your product, it becomes even easier to see the advantages in real life. This, in turn can increase the chance of these game players seeking out and buying your product.

Create an Icon People Can Relate To

Today, many people have at least one or more of their favourite classic games already loaded onto their cell phone and tablet. The interesting thing is, however, people quickly leave behind the “no-frills” variants in exchange for ones that feature characters and interesting stories. As a case in point, do some research on the number of variants of Mah Jong. Even though the most basic ones are always popular, the ones that expand their player base the fastest are the ones with appealing characters and some kind of journey in which the basic Mah Jong game is used to advance to the next level.

You can also see the same pattern in war games, Tetris based games, and just about any other game app where the user is invited to identify with a character. While coming up with a memorable character can be a hit or miss operation, it is well worth the effort. During the process of having the game developed, leave room in the basic storyline for the addition of new characters. At the very least, if the initial characters don’t seem very popular, or viewers indicate dislike, you can always write someone else into the story.

Once you hit on a character that people identify with or find appealing, it can quickly transfer to the rest of your company’s image. From there, you will have a premier branding tool that can put your company at the top of everyone’s list for decades and beyond. Just think about the Nestle Quik bunny and other characters that have been around for decades to see how this works. A game app is the perfect place to test out these icons and give them a chance to flourish at the same time.

Help Build a Positive View of Your Company

Regardless of the age of your company or the products and services you are selling, it is very important for customers to have a positive view of your company. Game apps can help people feel comfortable with the name of your company, and also the products that you are selling. In addition, never forget that offering the game itself is actually solving a problem for the players.

From overcoming boredom to managing stress, there is no question that people all over the world now integrate game apps into their daily lives. While people may not say much about being grateful for the game’s existence, there is still a private feeling of good will towards the developer. When all other factors may seem equal in the eyes of a potential customer, that hidden gratitude may be just enough to make a sale instead of watching it go to your competitor.

Sell Ad Space and Build Local Business Connections

Aside from improving your relationships with existing and prospective clients, the app itself can be used to make money from a different kind of client. In this case, businesses in your local area or throughout the world may want to insert ads into your app in order to reach a larger audience. A viral app is worth an enormous amount of money because it has the capacity to reach a large audience. Needless to say, if you focus on running ads for local businesses, it can also be a vital point for improving your position in the local business community and ensuring that you corner a vital role.

As with introducing information about your own products, there are also many ways to bring in information from other companies. It is very important for this information to fit into the game play instead of disrupt it. Unfortunately, some of the most enjoyable game apps available today make a serious mistake in this arena.

If you are in the habit of getting up and walking around when commercials are on TV, then you can readily understand how commercial breaks in a game can cause people to close the app. On the other hand, you can “pay” people to look at advertisements from other businesses simply by offering some kind of reward in the game. Just make sure that the point where you offer the reward is one where people are at a natural rest point or break point in the game. For example, if you are building your app around completing already started Chess games, then you might offer a few extra points or some game booster in exchange for watching a commercial once the player has completed the game.

More than a few business owners play apps on the tablets and cell phones without realizing that they can be a tremendous marketing and branding tool. Here at (name), we have seen a number of our clients boost revenue and increase customer satisfaction by adding game apps. We, and our sister company,  (name) are more than happy to develop the perfect app on your behalf. Visit our site today and give your business the best chance possible of succeeding by using professional custom game apps.