5 Ways to Fast Track Your Digital Marketing Campaign

In a time when just about everyone has a smart phone and round the clock access to the internet, it is important for business owners to have a robust digital marketing campaign. While some people think you can approach this haphazardly, the population of internet uses has some definite expectations when they are shopping or looking for product information. Hiring a reputable digital marketing campaign consultant can fast track your plans and also increase the chance of success. Have a look at how (name) can help you in the most critical areas of a digital marketing campaign.

Have a Clear Vision of the Target Audience

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone that saw your products or services realized that they needed to buy it? Even when it comes to absolute essentials like food and clothing, you must still direct marketing efforts that will reach specific audiences within the total population of potential clients. Consider a situation where you are selling shawls that can be worn by both men and women. Even though people of all ages and genders may well be interested in your product, your digital marketing campaign must still appeal to each sub-group as if it is the only one of interest. Insofar as digital marketing, here are some things you must do, no matter how popular or necessary your product or service is to large numbers of people:

  • ads dedicated to specific groups must appear in places where your target audience is likely to visit. For example, you might place a masculine video or content on sites where men might look for clothes, and then more feminine ads in places for sites popular with women.

  • Your ads must still go viral within your target audience. While many marketers focus on social media viral campaigns, you should also focus on ways to encourage viewers to directly email or tag relevant associates in their posts. Once again, reaching millions of people with the wrong ad is just as useless as not being able to reach them at all.

Balance Your Keyword Targets for Steady Growth

Before you try to reach potential buyers, it is very important to know what keywords they will be looking for to find your site. If you are selling shawls in Australia, then you may think you only need to focus on “shawls”, and nothing else. While this keyword is very popular, it is also used by millions of other websites. Since the top ten sites are likely to be bigger and better established than yours, chances are you site will be buried so deep in the search engine results, users will never find it.

When searching for keywords, you should have at least ten words per topic with a range in popularity from very rare to common. Your site will rank quickly for the rare words, and then over time, will rank better in the mid popularity range words. Typically, if viewers haven’t found what they wanted in the top 10 results for the most common words, they will go to the second tier. Aside from that, at least one keyword should “review”, and one should include “for sale” or something similar. If you are targeting a specific geographic region, include at least one or two keywords with the locality.

Know What Kinds of Digital Marketing Campaigns are Available

Did you know that there are both free and fee based tools that you can use to market and sell your products online? Aside from operating your own website, or opening stores on sites like Amazon, Ebay, and Alibaba, here are some other options you can use either with your own site or one hosted on a major store based site:

  • Pay-per-click – these advertising campaigns are offered by Google and other search engines. After you complete a keyword study, you enter a bidding process for keywords of interest. Once you win the auction, you will need to come up with short blurbs that will be posted on other websites that have relevant items. New webmasters often use Pay-per-click to get their website URLs onto older more established sites in order to boost traffic and page rank faster.

  • Video Ad Campaigns – aside from YouTube there are several other video networks where digital marketers upload information about their products and services. A viral video can draw hundreds to thousands of viewers to your site and products in a matter of hours.

  • Social Networking Campaigns – from creating groups and pages to ads inserted into social network user feeds, there are many different parts to a robust social networking campaign. Since social media metrics are often based on information that is harvested from candid user interactions, many believe marketing campaigns on these sites are more than worth the effort.

  • Article Directory Campaigns – Even though Google and other search engines have a long standing policy of reducing the page rank of article directories such as Ezine, others are still very popular. For example, if you can get an account on sites like Wikipedia, Ehow, or other “how to”oriented sites, article campaigns may still be of use to you. Just remember you won’t be able to make hard sales pitches on these sites, but you can still get your site URL onto a popular site that indexes very quickly.

  • Email and Newsletter Campaigns – once you have people visiting your site, it is very important to get them to come back so that there is a greater chance of them making a purchase. These campaigns can be difficult because you must draw a balance between being a memorable and interesting email correspondent and sending so many emails your content gets sent to the spam bin. Of all the digital campaign methods, you email and newsletters can be the hardest to work with, however, they also provide the most value insofar as turning viewers into buyers. Once a viewer consents to receive emails from you, it means your site got their attention. All you have to do is follow up with relevant and useful emails that don’t get deleted or sent to spam.

Complete Studies on What Appeals to Your Target Audience

No matter how much potential a product or service may have, there is still a lot of work that must be done to market it properly. For example, if you were selling shawls in a conventional brick and mortar store, you might use mannequins and various display elements to attract attention. Even though these items aren’t for sale, they are designed to draw attention to your product. In a similar way, when it comes to digital marketing campaigns, your website and every other piece of online content must be crafted to draw positive attention to your company and products.

Target audience studies are very important because they will provide valuable information about what kind of expectations potential buyers have about your site. This information should shape not just the overall design of the site, but how and where you advertise. For example, if you are selling shawls, a store on a major seller site may work better than trying to use a pay-per-click campaign. Remember, your target audience doesn’t just have specific preferences about what they want to buy, they have some very set ideas about what they are looking for in marketing approaches.

Consider Network Congestion and Device Constraints

No conversation on digital marketing campaigns will be complete without a discussion on connectivity and device related issues. As more countries embrace restrictions on the amount of data that flows from the internet to individual consumers, you are bound to find that people will go back to wanting faster loading sites.

This means you will need to think very seriously about the amount of bandwidth your site consumes and the impact on potential buyers. In particular, if you are running a fairly successful site that has a lot of video related ads in the sidebars or in the header, it may be time to prune those areas of the site. At the very least, you can put a stop to all the autoplay elements of the site and let users click to access them if interested. Aside from reducing net congestion and device constraint problems, you will also make it easier for people to feel comfortable on your site. Remember, people that hate slow loading sites are also inclined to have video and ad blocking extensions in their browsers. If you want your ads to be seen and acted on, your best bet will truly be to simplify your site as much as possible.

Over the last few years, the growth of web based businesses in (location) has grown exponentially. Conventional businesses are also increasingly looking to the internet for ways to draw in clients and also retain existing ones. Given the increasing competition, you can’t afford to leave your digital marketing campaign to chance. Here at (name), we specialize in making sure your company and products have the best possible image with consumers and viewers. Visit (sitename) today for a free evaluation and find out just how much we can do for you.