MedX for Back Pain Relief

Does your back creak after you have been sitting for too long? Do you wake up with a sore back, or notice that you seem to feel weaker than you did years ago? Today, many people are looking for back pain relief without resorting to dangerous pain killers, expensive surgeries, or other procedures that may or may not work. While you are considering your options, perhaps it is time to see if MedX exercise equipment can help you get rid of back pain and also help you regain or build new strength at the same time.

What is the Kinetic Chain and How Does it Apply to Back Pain?

Perhaps it can be said that a kinetic chain is like a ripple in a pond or a domino effect. If you toss a pebble into a pond of still water, the ripples will start in the centre and keep moving outward until the energy is all used up. In a similar fashion, if dominoes are close enough together, knocking one over so that it lands on another will also cause the other one to fall. The Kinetic Chain in your body is similar in the sense that when you move one joint, the effects are transferred to other joints in a “chain”.

In this case, let’s say you take a step with your left foot. The kinetic chain starts at your left ankle, then goes to your left knee, hips, lumbar spine, sacral spine, and finally the cervical spine. As a result, if you have chronic back pain, not all of your issues may be located in the spine. Even if you have a back injury, there may be something further down the kinetic chain making it worse. This, in turn, means that if you are going to use exercise as a means to reduce back pain, you will need to work with a qualified exercise physiologist that can locate problems in the kinetic chain and help you overcome them while strengthening the overall core strength of your back muscles.

Strengthening Your Back is an Effective Way to Relieve Pain

Consider a situation where you have a previous injury to the lumbar spine and have been going to physical therapy and acupuncture for years. Let’s also say that you have also tried fire cupping, chiropractic modalities, and all kinds of pain medications. Even though these methods may give you relief for a few hours or days, the pain is likely to come right back. While some situations may eventually lead to lesions on nerves protruding from the spine, that doesn’t mean strengthening and toning your back will fail to produce a reduction in pain.

For a moment, let’s go back to the Kinetic Chain and look at it from a muscle point of view. As you may be aware, muscles are attached to the bones via tendons and ligaments. Unfortunately, when people think of the spine, they only focus on the bone and cartilage located between the bones as opposed to all the delicate muscles and connections that give the spine its capacity to move and function. This, in turn means that repetitive exercises may not actually be developing each muscle in properly, let alone in proportion to other muscles. Here is what happens when muscles in your spine (and elsewhere) are not developed evenly:

  • repetitive exercise routines can create a situation where only certain muscles are worked. These are usually the bigger muscles, while the smaller ones wind up getting weaker. Over the course of time, this destructive course can lead sprains, disability, and endless pain.

  • Repetitive exercises performed incorrectly can put cause strain, stretching, and damage to tendons and ligaments. When this happens in the nerve filled areas around your spinal column, rest assured that a great deal of pain will follow. Even though your back may feel temporarily better because the activity increased blood flow to the area, the pain later on may be from damage incurred during poorly developed exercise sessions.

Reducing the Risk of Injury With MedX

Have you ever heard the expression “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. If so then, you may have also often heard this in relation to the overall health and strength of your musculoskeletal system. When it comes to your back, consider that the muscles along your spinal column and beyond are made of highly specialized cells that are arranged into fibres. Exercise, including targeted weight training and stretching will help these fibres. increase in size as well as improve their efficiency and strength. Unfortunately, many people that try new exercise programs wind up in one of three categories:

  • they set the equipment too far in advance of where they are or exercise too much thinking “no pain no gain”. Unfortunately, hidden damage to ligaments and scarring to both large and small muscles will eventually lead to endless pain and less strength than you had before.

  • They set the equipment to such a low level, or shorten the exercise program to a point where virtually nothing is accomplished. In these cases, the mirror, the scale, and the sense that no new strength or stamina have developed are completely accurate. To add insult to injury, you may still be doing hidden damage to muscles if your exercise form is poor or you don’t have enough variety in the program to fully address the every muscle in the core group under target for development.

  • One of the biggest, and most difficult problems to overcome is poor exercise form. For example, did you know that many people that do situps are actually doing them wrong and damaging their neck and abdominal muscles in the process? By the same token, people that plank for longer than a few seconds are also likely to be doing serious damage to their bodies because of the way they are straining cartilage and joints to maintain that posture as opposed to actually developing the strength in their abdominal muscles. As a result, it should come as no surprise that many people also have poor form when doing back related exercise, which only leads to more pain and injury.

MedX is different from most other exercise equipment on the market because you will not be able to complete the exercises if you use an incorrect or damaging form. It was also developed with both over and under exercisers in mind. When you use MedX you will always be encouraged to set appropriate goals so that you make good progress. This is just one of many reasons why MedX has succeeded in helping thousands of people around the world overcome lumbar and cervical back pain while other programs have failed on the exact same people.

Rebuilding Your Back After an Injury

When it comes to regaining strength in your back and reducing pain after injury, it is fair to say that you will be at a disadvantage because of the trauma to this area of your body. This, in turn, will make it even more likely you will develop worse damage from incorrect form or lack of an appropriate routine. On the other side of the equation, MedX was carefully developed over the course of 20 years to prevent these exact problems. When combined with assistance from a physiotherapist at (name), you can look forward to:

  • a custom back rehabilitation program that is just right for you at every stage of progress. Why sit around and guess whether or not you are exercising at the right level, or targeting the right muscle areas when our physiotherapists have the education, experience, and tools required to provide the best and most competent advice on these matters?

  • Working with equipment that has a track record throughout the world for producing results and decreasing pain even when other systems have failed.

  • Increased strength and mobility in your back that will give you a chance to enjoy most, if not all of the things that you have been missing out on since becoming injured.

  • Complete confidence that the equipment’s design will never let you exercise using poor form or other habits that may do more harm than good. Without a question, the muscle targeting, support, and restraint systems are the most technologically advanced on Earth. MedX is also one of the few back rebuilding exercise systems that is accredited by numerous government agencies including the FDA in the United States.

Regardless of your age, a sedentary lifestyle is eventually going to lead to back pain and an increased risk of injury. Even though you may have health issues that limit your ability to pursue cardio or other high intensity programs, there is no reason to let your back muscles decay to a point where you will wind up with back pain. Today, you can use the MedX system to build back strength and have peace of mind knowing that a competent and experienced physiotherapist is ready to make sure you remain on track and moving towards wellness.