The Best Way to Pick a Qualified Registered Agent

Did you know that many people would rather have a registered agent take care of forming their business instead of doing it themselves? As legal terms and guidelines become more complicated, it only stands to reason that many people wanting to start a business are interested in this kind of professional service. While there are several registered agents to choose from in Australia, it will always be to your advantage to choose the best one for your needs. Have a look at some things you should always consider before contracting with an agent that will take care of registering your business.

Types of Businesses Handled

While you are looking at the four main types of businesses that you can start and operate in Australia, it is important to know that each has some unique filing and maintenance requirements. When you appoint a registered agent, that person must be fully capable of dealing with all of these guidelines. Unfortunately, there are some companies that offer these services that will not always assign a specialist in the business type that you are interested in having them manage.

By contrast, here at (name), we have many specialists with decades of experience in each company type. We will never assign someone to a corporation that is more accustomed to working with trusts, or other types of business not relevant to yours. This, in turn, means that we can easily guarantee that our registered agent services will always produce the best and most accurate results. Why find yourself dealing with all kinds of fines and fees because you chose an unqualified registered agent service, when we are here and ready to do a perfect job on your behalf?

Find a Registered Agent With a Track Record for Being Reliable

If you do some research, you will find that there are several companies in Australia that offer registered agent services. On the other side of the equation, you must always ask yourself where their specialists come from. Were they one business owners that failed? Are they recent college graduates that may not have any hands-on experience with running a business? Even though both groups of people may technically know what needs to be done to serve as a registered agent, that doesn’t mean they will offer the best services, let alone have the right kind of experience to ensure success.

Sadly, business owners are like people in many other professions. Once they fail at owning a business, there is a chance they will repeat the pattern at every opportunity. No matter how much they may learn from their mistakes, there is a certain degree of acumen and native talent required to work in this kind of dynamic and challenging environment. You simply cannot afford to put your company’s registered agent details in the hands of someone that doesn’t have a track record for success.

Here at (name) we have some of the best, brightest, and most experienced minds in the arena of business ownership on our staff. Our registered agents have either owned successful businesses in Australia for decades or are dedicated specialists that have worked at the interface between business and government for an extensive portion of their career. Without a doubt, if you want a registered agent that will always give the best and most reliable service to your company, you cannot fail with our agents.

Suitable Affiliations

There is something of a saying that you can know what a person will be like ethically by learning more about their friends and associates. In a similar fashion, registered agents usually offer their services as a part of doing business. The business, in turn, can also have affiliations that can help you determine whether or not the company is reliable and ethical. In this case, before you hire a registered agent, it is important to find out if the company he/she works for is reputable. Here are a few questions you can ask and things to consider:

  • Is the company a Registered ASIC Agent with a valid and active number?

  • Does the registered agent have endorsements from high profile businesses, including ones in your niche?

  • Even though the Australian government doesn’t make a public record of most consumer complaints, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission does occasionally report on its findings. Before you sign on with any given registered agent, you may want to browse the ACCC website or contact them to see if you can gain any additional insights. Aside from doing research on possible registered agents for you business, you can also catch up on some information about other businesses in your specific product or service niche.

Ease of Obtaining Services

It is very important to realize that appointing a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced registered agent is only one part of making sure that all your business related dealings with the government are managed properly. Since the registered agent is responsible for responding to government inquiries and receiving relevant notices, there are some additional services you might want to consider. In this case, you might be interested in having your mail from various government agencies go directly to the registered agent. Unfortunately, more than a few registered agents do not offer registered office services. Here at (name), we are more than happy to include this as an add-on service so that you never need to worry about your mail going astray.

Because a registered agent has many dealings with federal, territorial, and local governments, it would be somewhat unusual for them to only offer this service. Among other things, a good quality registered agent should have services related to:

  • starting a new business or winding one down and taking care of all the relevant filings.

  • starting branch or subsidiary companies within the context of an existing business. This includes offering analytic reports on the current condition of your company and how best to structure it and related branches so that progress remains in an optimal and efficient pattern.

  • resident director services that will help you navigate through all the complexities of Australian business law

  • referring to quality professionals that can managing audits, and filing taxes. Quite frankly, a registered agent that doesn’t have a viable listing of competent accountants, business lawyers, and other professionals can wreak havoc if your business does wind up being audited or in need of professional services to meet the needs of a government inquiry. When a registered agent doesn’t know who to call or has no viable contacts in these areas, it is worse than trying to do the job on your own.

  • assistance with ASIC and securities related filings and dealings

Cost Assessment

Many business owners that are already operating on a tight budget may be tempted to look for the cheapest registered agent that has a suitable license in Australia. Unfortunately, there are no easy ways to take shortcuts when you must have a professional appearance at the interface between your business and the government. There are also no easy ways for a good quality registered agent to cut costs and deliver the best in terms of quality, service, and experience. Here are some things to consider as you compare different registered agents and their respective fees:

  • How long has the registered agent been serving in this capacity? It is no secret that college graduates will work for less money, or charge lower rates because they need to break into their niche and also gain experience. While these people may be highly qualified, you should know that sometimes it pays to work with someone that has more experience.

  • What kind of technology and IT support does the Registered Agent have? Today, there is no such thing as a server that cannot be hacked. No matter whether the software is at fault or the computer hardware itself, there is no escaping the need for quality IT and cyber security staff members. Since many government related filings for your business will be done electronically, it is always important to be aware of the hardware and software used by the registered agent. In this case, the lack of a custom designed suite or a poor showing in terms of IT related professionals can put your business at serious risk. Never forget that if you would not cut costs in this area for your own business, it is best to stay away from a registered agent that charges a lower fee while using less than state of the art computer equipment or less well trained IT staff.

Just about every person in Australia is aware of the fact that government oversight and services are an integrated part of their lives. By the same token, business owners are also aware of the fact that the government is something of a partner in their business that can shut the business down or let it keep running with little intervention. This is just one of many reasons why you need specialized and professional assistance with this part of your business. In almost all cases, the difference between a constructive and a destructive relationship with the government revolves around the actions of the registered agent. When you appoint one of our agents to this position, you can have peace of mind knowing that this aspect of your business is being managed professionally and efficiently.