Fundamentals of Holistic Business Consulting

No matter whether you are just starting a new business, or you have been running a business for some time, it can be difficult to focus on trends that may suddenly have a major impact on your business. This may include ones that would have led to increased opportunity as well as ones that can throw your business into sudden failure. Rather than take a chance on missing these vital trends, it would be to your advantage to seek advice from a neutral and objective business consultant. In particular, a holistic business consultant may offer the most valuable insights.

What is Holistic Business Consulting?

To better understand what holistic business consulting is, it may be of some help to draw an analogy from the field of medicine. As you may be aware, most government licensed doctors ascribe to the allopathic model of health care. In this system, diseases of specific organs and systems are often treated independently of other systems. This often includes ignoring or de-emphasizing mental and emotional states as part of the disease and healing processes. Typically, allopathic medicine also completely ignores the social and spiritual dimensions of the individual and their impact on health and wellness. Since allopathic medicine does not have a “complete” or “big picture” view of the whole person, the impact of focusing on the parts can have unpredicted consequences on the whole.

On the other side of the equation, alternative medicine practitioners look at both health and disease from all points of the person’s makeup and their environment. When the whole is considered, a whole different path to wellness may emerge. From there, you may find that different decisions and actions are needed in order to actually succeed without creating more problems.

In a sense, holistic business consulting is often considered an alternative view of business management. For example, in a more conventional system, you might hire a consultant and tell them that you want to increase sales. This person may focus almost exclusively on that aspect of your business, and then put you in a situation where unpredicted events leave you with insufficient staff or resources to manage the increased sales. On the other hand, a holistic business consultant will still look at how to boost sales, and may even come up with the same strategies for that purpose. They will also look at production capacity and help ensure that you have all the parts in place to meet the demands associated with increased sales.

Can Holistic Business Consulting Help an Ailing Business?

When it comes to day to day business operations, executives must constantly shift between looking at the big picture and the challenges associated with developing productive routines that generate profit without wasting resources. Sadly, hiring a business consultant based on a limited scope or making decisions based on a narrower view can lead to all kinds of problems. From that perspective, a holistic business consultant can, indeed, help an ailing business turn around and become more successful. Here are just a few things a holistic business consultant can help you bring into alignment:

  • if your main focus was on production, but not sales, a holistic business consultant can evaluate your production capacity and suggest a range of marketing tools to boost sales. Alternatively, if the marketing tools you need are outside your budget, then a holistic business consultant may make recommendations to help you cut back in other areas until there is sufficient need for these elements.

  • In a situation where changing laws may cause significant disruption to production or other aspects of your business, a holistic business consultant will look at every area of your business, including whether or not a locality change might be of some help to you. Remember, a holistic business consultant will always look at every part of your business within context of other parts to see where optimization will improve productivity and boost profits.

What About Improving a Healthy Business?

No matter how happy you are with the bottom line for your business, that doesn’t mean next year, next month, or even tomorrow will bring a totally new view. Emergencies can come up and destroy a successful work environment, employees can get sick or die, global events can shift investor interests, and may other things can come up to derail your business. Before these situations come up, it is best to have a navigation plan in place that will help you thrive and continue to succeed.

A holistic business consultant can easily help you prepare for worst case scenarios as well as develop a series of plans that will make it easier to move forward with confidence. If you already have a healthy and thriving business, then you may also want to find out more about viable expansion options. While there is no such thing as a company that is too big to fail, there are certainly ways to grow your business so that it is as insulated from failure as possible.

From diversifying product lines to creating subsidiaries and licensing structures, there are endless suggestions that a holistic business consultant may come up with. Because these consultants are better able to analyse and integrate big picture views with more detailed productivity processes, you can rest assured the answers will be more inclined to boost profit even during times when your business is vulnerable due to situations beyond your control.

Should New Businesses Start off with a Holistic Perspective?

Without a question, Australian business owners that start off by using the holistic perspective will be better able to navigate the competitive and changing business arena in this country and abroad. Regardless of whether you are interested in starting a restaurant or a car dealership, being able to see your business as in integration of many parts working together makes it easier to see where you need to focus more attention or accelerate productivity. Here are some other advantages of starting a new business based on the holistic perspective:

  • cues in the holistic assessment process will help you see trends that indicate internal or external imbalances may derail your company.

  • Once you see these imbalances, you can take steps to correct them. Here again, the holistic cues will ensure you consider every part of your business as a whole so that you don’t overlook the impact of each element.

  • Because holistic business perspectives can make it easier to think outside of conventional terms, it is also the best to use during a startup phase when you are more likely to encounter a wide range of adjustment problems. It should also be noted that using holistic business model doesn’t mean you must avoid using tried and true models that worked for other businesses. Rather, it simply means you can look at these successful blueprints and see how they relate to every are of your business. If you find points where different parts of your business don’t match the formula, you can either make adjustments to those areas before applying the solution, or modify the blueprint to meet your needs. Either way, a holistic view will reduce the risk of blindly following what you think is a successful formula that turns out to be a disaster because you didn’t look at every angle within the context of an integrated whole.

How to Shift into a Holistic Business Management Model

It is fair to say that changing from a conventional business view to a holistic one can be challenging at best. If you have already begun drawing clients and delivering products and services, it can be very hard to make changes for fear of losing what you have already gained. As a result, the best way to shift to a holistic business model is to simply hire a consultant that will help you make the jump without losing the advantages you already have in place.

Today,  (name) and its sister company, (name)  are here and ready to help both new and established businesses adapt to the holistic business management model. We will seamlessly integrate with every aspect of your business and find all the weak points, as well as areas that appear strong, but may be undermined in certain situations. Here are just a few things we can do to help make this shift easier:

  • we will improve the interface between upper management, production level supervisors, and line level production employees. This includes aligning departments so that each group of workers can meet internal challenges without having to wind up in constant conflict with other departments. Our consultants have a keen eye for work flow both in departments and in relation to each other, and we can easily help you boost production without necessarily spending a fortune or hiring more staff members.

  • We are more than happy to provide training and develop processes that ensure you are able to continue with a holistic business model and use it to drive your company to success regardless of your product niche.

Over the years, we have turned more than one failing business around and helped the owners produce a successful and profitable enterprise. In each of these cases, our holistic business consultants were able to help with the kinds of realignment that made everything work better. Stop by our site today and give us a chance to help your business thrive and grow beyond your greatest expectations.