5 Ways to Make Your Registered Office an Asset

Many people that want to start a business make a mistake in believing that success comes exclusively through making a profit on supply and demand interactions. While some products truly do sell more easily than others, a healthy business owner must manage many other details. This includes taking care of interactions with government agencies, negotiating loans, and protecting proprietary processes and information. Surprisingly enough, purchasing registered office services through (name) may be the best and most cost effective path to achieving these goals, while leaving you to focus on other essentials.

Secure an Address in an Impressive Neighbourhood

Even though you may not be starting your business of with much in the way of assets or capital, that doesn’t mean your headquarters have to be located in an area that is less than stellar. When it comes to negotiating contracts, making deals, or engaging in other transactions where appearances matter, you will be well served by being able to use an address that looks like your headquarters are in the best possible neighbourhood. Fortunately, when you sign on for our services, you can have your pick of excellent listings. No matter where your business is in Australia, we can come up with, and maintain the perfect address for you. Since Registered Office Services are a value added service attached to our Registered Agent Services, you will also never need to worry about official correspondences going astray. Why be concerned about having to mail documents from the government to us, when they can go directly to one of our secure Registered Office addresses instead?

Communications With Government Agencies Will Always be Secure

When it comes to protecting your business from fines, audits, and other government related problems, there is nothing worse than missing a correspondence or failing to send an appropriate response. In these days, you simply can’t rely on the mail systems or your own resources to ensure that all of your correspondences arrive at the correct location. On the other hand, when you use our registered office service, you can rest assured correspondences will never go astray.

Do not forget, that when you sign on for our registered office services, it is an add on to your appointing us as your registered agent. Therefore, when we receive mail from the government on your behalf, it also means we are fully equipped to handle these matters on your behalf. Not only do we have the capacity to file many items electronically, we also have the best follow up and quality assurance guarantee available.

Protect the Location of Your Factories or Other Land Assets

No matter where you do business in the world, corporate trade secrets, special recipe ingredients and other trademarks can be very difficult and expensive to protect. This, in turn, means that you may not want the general public to know the address of your factories or other areas where you are keeping protected information. On the other hand, if you can only afford to list one site on your government paperwork, it can reduce your ability to keep these sites as secret as possible. Fortunately, for a fraction of the cost, you can use our registered office address and keep all of your other information as secret as you like.

Have a look at some reasons why you might need to keep your locations private:

• Even if you have the money and time to pursue patents and other intellectual property documents, plus have a legal team to enforce them, it isn’t always enough to protect your business. This is one of many reasons why some business owners never reveal certain information in legal intellectual property filings. Instead, they keep the information as secret as possible and rely on the lack of information to keep their products and services from being copied.
• let’s say you have a business where you are researching and developing a new way to harness solar power. While you may feel certain you can get a patent, you may not be ready to file the actual paperwork. Unfortunately, anyone that sees you designs can steal them, and may improve upon them faster than you can file your own paperwork. Why lose all that hard work when you only need to keep your research location secret?
• Overall, it can be said that Australia has a lower crime rate per capita than many other countries. That being said, if you are working with expensive materials, dangerous chemicals, artwork, or other high commodity items that would sell well on the black market, it never pays to be too careful. No matter how you look at it, if people don’t know where to find your valuable items, they cannot plan to steal them, let alone actually try to carry out a heist.
• In these complex times, there are many situations where competitors might attempt to use electronic eavesdropping to find out what is going on behind closed doors. When other people know where important meetings are going to happen, rest assured they can also find a way to use electronic devices to eavesdrop. At the very least, when the official records show one of our addresses instead, there is less a chance that eavesdroppers will be able find out where your meetings are. Remember, a denial of information always adds one more layer of security and may also buy you some time. Consider that even if your competitors know where your factory is, they may still make an initial mistake and go to the official office listed on your business filings. By the time they figure out where your meetings are being held, you can always move to another location or take other steps to prevent them from eavesdropping.

Dedicated Addresses for Each Locality

Depending on your business type, you may rely heavily on the good will of local consumers. Consider a situation where you own a robust landscaping service. Let’s also say that you have only been in business for a year or so, and have been focusing heavily on building business and client connections in one locality; but are trying to expand into others. During the course of cultivating these contacts, you may have found out that potential clients only want to work with people as local as possible to them. Here are some ways that our registered office address can be of help to you:

• You can always use our registered office address on correspondences with clients. Therefore, when you are looking to make it seem like your business is primarily located in a specific area, our addresses can be very useful. No matter where your equipment is located, the simple appearance that you are a local business can truly make a difference and make you competitive with other businesses in the locality.
• Our address can also be used when dealing with banks, creditors, or others that may want to focus primarily on local businesses. Since you legally hold an office address in the locality, you have every right to claim you are a local business regardless of where your main headquarters is located.
• If you own or buy into a franchise, having access to local addresses can make it easier to manage correspondences for each area. Remember, if you own a restaurant and have trade recipes, or are engaged in some other locality specific business, there is a very high chance that you can duplicate your success in other areas, which means you will wind up using franchising as the most efficient means of growing your business. When it comes right down to it, inexpensive registered office addresses that tie together with your registered agent are absolutely necessary in these situations.

Keep Your Headquarter Options Flexible

There is no question that the internet makes it easier than ever to conduct business nationally and abroad. In fact, even if you are living on one shore of Australia, there is every chance that you will be looking at opportunities hundreds to thousands of miles away. As a result, you may not want to officially declare one locality for your headquarters when you may wind up changing it faster than expected. Our registered office address can be used temporarily or as a permanent address. If you change your mind and want to try a different locality, we can arrange that too. As an added bonus, when you do change addresses, you will never need to worry about mail or important correspondences being lost. Since we own all of the addresses, we can easily shift the information from one site to another.

At first glance, you may not think that purchasing registered office services will be of use for your business. That all being said, if you are serious about protecting correspondences with government agencies, are in the process of developing trade secrets, or might expand your business into a franchise, our registered office services may be the most important part of your plans. Why take a chance on having so many things go wrong by using your home address or a factory address when we can give you so many options for growth, expansion, and safety?