5 Things You Must Know When Buying a Never Traded Shelf Company

Chances are, you already know that buying a shelf company is the easiest, fastest way to start your business in Australia. That being said, you may still be trying to decide if you would be better off buying a shelf company with some stock trade history, or if you should buy one that has never been traded. If you have decided on a never traded company, here are some ways to help narrow down your selection before making the actual purchase.

Age of the Business

As you may be aware, a shelf company is fully registered by a third party, yet doesn’t make any financial transactions or conduct business operations in a conventional sense. In some cases, when you are apply for certain licenses or contracts, you must be able to show that your business was established for a long enough period of time. As long as the license and contract guidelines don’t stipulate you must actually be running the business the entire time, it is perfectly fine to use a shelf company to jump start your entry into certain arenas.

Here are some situations where you may need the advanced ageing of a shelf company to put your abilities and experience to the best possible use:

  • you are currently a partner or offer professional services under a different business name. If you want to start your own enterprise, there is not much point in starting a brand new company, and then have to wait several years before your business is officially old enough to enter certain contracts. A shelf company can give your new business the necessary dates required to match your experience levels.

  • During the course of operating one primary business, you discover that there is another product line that has been developing steadily into something that needs a dedicated business structure. Purchasing a shelf company for a new company or a subsidiary of your existing company can make it easier to secure contracts and loans that would only be available to the parent company.

  • Business owners and upper management stock holders may reach a point where different ideas can no longer be sustained by the same company. Rather than lose out on one path or the other, it may be easier to simply divide the company into two separate ones. In order to give each company an equal footing, you may need an aged shelf company as a starting point for the newer enterprise.

Business Niche Suitability

Did you know that some people make a living out of registering domain names, and then simply holding onto them without actually running a website? If someone wants to buy the domain name, the current owner of the domain may be willing to sell it to them. In this sense, pre-registered businesses are like pre-registered domains. Typically, the seller of shelf companies will register more businesses than they need, and then simply keep them on the books until someone buys them.

As with domain names, not every business name and configuration is suitable for every niche. If the company is listed as active, it is important to know if the business has been operating in your niche of interest. For example, if you are interested in opening a restaurant, it doesn’t make much sense to buy a shelf company that has previously been active as a construction related enterprise. Remember, part of your purpose for buying a shelf company is getting started as quickly as possible. The last thing you want to do is wind up in a situation where the active business sector for the company interferes with your plans.

Your Planned Business Track

Before you buy a shelf company, it is very important to have at least a five year business plan in place. This is especially important if you are entering a business sector where you will need certain licenses or permits as part of conducting routine operations. Aside from the age of the company, the locality it is registered in can either hinder or accelerate your ability to get the permits and licenses required for operations. Here are a few things you should always be aware of insofar as your business track:

  • Are you planning to build a factory or some other building? If so, what locality or territories are you most interested in? It is very important to compare the locality where the shelf company is located to the places where you plan to do business. Even though you can more than likely work through zoning issues imposed on businesses from remote areas, it never hurts to save time by buying a shelf company with the right address.

  • Do you need certain licenses or certifications for a specific locality or territory? Once again, even though these localities and territories may be willing to consider an application from a different part of Australia, they may also want to give some kind of preference to local businesses and people. Needless to say, some localities may take a different view and want to welcome business owners from outside their local area. In these cases, a shelf company from a different locality may serve you better. Rather than expend extra time and effort to get through these kinds of problems, it is best to meet the expectations of the area by purchasing an appropriate shelf company as your starting point.

How Quickly You Will Receive Documents

Consider a situation where you and a partner formed a partnership some time ago and are certain that you need to take the next step and form a corporation. Let’s also say that you are on the verge of securing a very lucrative contract and need the structure of a corporation to make contract more appealing to the client. In these kinds of situations, the faster you receive your ABN, TFN, and other paperwork, the better. If you don’t want to spend as much as 28 days waiting to get your documents, it will be in your best interest to buy a shelf company that has all the numbers already in place.

When you buy a shelf company from (name), we guarantee that you will have your documents within (number) hours of your payment clearing. We will even include a binder that you can keep all of your important documents in. Once you have the documents, you can truly start going about putting your business into operational mode. Here are just a few things that you can get started on with confidence as soon as you complete the purchase process:

  • if you are planning to bid for the acquisition of goods and services, or for establishing a relationship with a consumer, you can begin the application process immediately instead of waiting for weeks on end to find out what your ABN or TFN will be.

  • This is also a good time to consider what kind of loans you want to apply for, as well as where you want to go for those loans. When you have the proper numbers and documents in hand, you will find that the entire process is much easier.

  • From opening bank accounts to negotiating with potential creditors, there is nothing like being able to give out your business name and having confidence that all of your founding documents are properly registered with the government and can be verified with ease.

Available Support Options

Over the last (number) years, the staff members at (name) have helped numerous foreign and domestic business owners reap the rewards associated with owning a business in Australia. In many cases, our most successful clients started off by purchasing one of our shelf companies, and then decided to use our resident director, registered agent, and registered address services for after purchase support.

Not only have these companies enjoyed prosperity, their owners report a high degree of satisfaction because they can focus on purely operational matters. More than once, we have been told by business owners that they are relieved they don’t have to worry about managing correspondences with the government or making mistakes in those communications. Others have also told us that they have peace of mind knowing that if their company comes under some kind of scrutiny, they can always come to us for professional and expert representation. From finding the best quality tax accountant to obtaining a business consultant with a track record for putting businesses on the path to optimal growth, rest assured that (name) does everything possible to give you the best tools to accommodate your needs after you make a shelf company purchase.

When you need the advantages of an established business without the possible detractions, an untraded shelf company will offer you the best of both worlds. Before you choose a shelf company, it is still very important to make sure that you make your decision within the context of a robust and well developed business plan. It is also very important to make sure that you select a shelf company vendor that can support your after care needs. Visit our website today to find out more about our premier shelf company opportunities and also the add-on services that will make operating a business both successful and enjoyable.