5 Essential Shelf Company Services

If you decided to buy a shelf company in order to accelerate opening your new business in Australia, it makes sense to make sure that you find the right agent. Sadly, many people don’t think past the purchase, and wrongly assume that they can just move forward without any kind of additional information or support. Have a look at these essential shelf company services that you may not have even thought about.

Ability to Deliver Certified Clean Pre-Registered Companies

Even though many business owners in Australia are prospering and making a profit, others are not doing as well. Therefore, if you flip through a local business directory, there are probably a few that you could by at a low price, and then deal with trying to turn the business around. By the same token, there may also be other businesses that are doing well, but must be sold off for one reason or another. Given these options, you don’t necessarily need to buy a shelf company if you are just looking for a business name and a fast place to get started.

On the other side of the equation, any time you are buying a second hand company, you are also buying that company’s liability. From lawsuits and worker’s compensation claims to bad reputation, it will all fall on you once the final paperwork is signed. To add insult to injury, if the company stocks have been traded, you may have yet another financial nightmare to come to terms with. Under these circumstances, there is one powerful advantage a reliable shelf company seller can give you; a certified clean company.

Unlike some of our competitors, you can be 100% certain that we will only sell you guaranteed clean companies that have never been traded and have none of the baggage associated with buying a previously established company. In fact, here at (name), we pride ourselves on making sure that every shelf company is up to date on all government filings, plus free of any encumbrances that might cause you problems later on. When you buy a shelf company from us, you can essentially start a brand new business, yet still have all the advantages that come with an older registration date that will make it easier to carry out certain transactions.

All Documents Should be Made Available to the Buyer

The start up of a brand new business includes many challenges that must be managed before you even begin conducting financial transactions. While there are many aspects of these challenges that can be handled electronically, others still require physical papers in hand. From opening bank accounts to conducting other transactions, there is simply no replacement for having a printed set of all your company documents onhand and ready to be shown at all times. Fortunately, when you buy a shelf company from us, we send all of the documents to you via express mail. You will have them in hand and ready to use within (number) hours of your payment clearing.

Transparency About the History and Nature of the Shelf Company

If you are considering buying a shelf company, then you may already have also considered simply buying out an active company that already has an active inventory, customer base, or other assets. Chances are, you may also have decided against this option because of all the risks associated with having to deal with any hidden problems that come with the purchase. Sadly, there are more than a few shelf companies offered by less than stellar sellers that also have questionable histories and all kinds of problems. Even though you may think you can find out everything you need to know, the lack of transparency can still prevent you from finding out the full scope and nature of a shelf company’s history. Here are just a few problems you may encounter:

  • at this time, Australia doesn’t always make consumer complaints against a business public. As a result, if you rely on a government based source for open files or possible views of consumers, it will be very hard to get at this information. Unless you are in the area where the business was operated and know a sufficient number of clients, it will be very difficult to find out if you are buying a business with an image problem.

  • It may also be challenging to find out if a business has operated in other localities and has fines, fees, or violation related issues pending or unresolved.

When it comes right down to it, the only way to avoid these kinds of problems when buying a shelf company is to purchase only from a reliable seller. In this case, (name) guarantees that every company sold is 100% clean and fully vetted. Not only do you have our word, there are (number) of satisfied business owners that got their start with our shelf companies and are more than happy to recommend us.

All Registration Numbers Should be Active and Usable

Did you know that it can take up to 28 days for the ATO to issue an Australian Business Number (ABN)? Even though this number may not be required for every business type, it is still a key document for corporations and must be in place as quickly as possible. By the same token, it can also take a bit of time to get your Tax File Number (TFN).

Today, both new and experienced business owners in Australia elect to buy a shelf company from (name) because they know the ABN and TFN numbers are already in place and active. Without a question, when speed of setup is a priority, you simply cannot get started any faster than with one of our shelf companies. In fact, we guarantee that you will have all your paperwork and documents in hand within (number) hours of your payment clearing. No matter whether you have:

  • one or more people ready to lend you money or sell you equipment for new business needs, but require a legal business name and founding documents

  • completed preliminary business planning and realize that you must act fast to manage competition related matters

  • you are a foreign citizen and want to get into the Australian business market as quickly and efficiently as possible,

rest assured that you will find buying a shelf company from us offers the best in terms of speed, reliability, and ease of progression from the opening to operational stages of your business.

Aftercare and Add-On Services Available

Here at (name), we are committed to ensuring that all our clients have the basic tools to succeed in a challenging and ever changing business environment. In more cases than we care to count, perfectly good businesses with quality products and marketing plans have fallen into the trap of not taking care of government compliance related matters. Given how quickly the business landscape and accompanying regulations are changing in Australia, it is very important to have someone on your side after you buy a shelf company. This is why we offer extensive services that you can add at the time you buy the shelf company or anytime afterwards. Have a look at some of our most popular options:

  • Registered Director Services –  both new and established business owners are learning that it pays to have a professional serve as a resident director for their business. If you don’t want to deal with government compliance related matters or figuring out how they apply to your business, simply appoint one of our residential directors to manage the job on your behalf.

  • Registered Agent Services – receiving communications from the government and responding to them in an appropriate and timely manner is critical to the survival of your business. That being said, if you have no background in managing these kinds of correspondences, then it can be very hard to provide the right information even if you have it available. Our registered agents are experts and navigating through all kinds of government communications and ensuring that your company is always in the right.

  • Registered Office – as a small business owner, you may only have your home address as a place to direct correspondences. It is never a good idea to reveal this information, let alone give your business such an unprofessional appearance in the public registers. Our registered office addresses are located in all the best business sectors and will offer many advantages.

  • Bank Account Setups – navigating bank account setups can be just as complicated as opening a new business and getting all the filings sorted out. We can also do this job for you and make sure your business is ready to conduct financial transactions with ease.

Once you click that button to purchase a shelf company, a very long, and hopefully rewarding journey will just be starting. As the owner of a new business, you will now have to think about every aspect of the company and how it fits into the Australian business market. This includes managing the interface with government as much as it does meeting the needs of clients and investors plus managing business to business relations. During the process of buying a shelf company, it is very important to consider the post option purchases that are available. Since (name) is an industry leader in both shelf company sales and business consulting, you will find the best of everything for your business needs now and for years to come.