5 Advantages of Buying a 100% Clean Shelf Company

Did you know that many business owners that buy shelf companies get a very unpleasant surprise when they buy a business that isn’t 100% clean? Aside from losing the business altogether, or worse, a company that isn’t clean can also limit you in many ways. Have a look at some of the advantages you will obtain when you buy a 100% clean shelf company from us as well as the problems you can avoid with ease.

Develop the Business Without Old Trends Interfering

Consider a situation where there are already four restaurants in your city that incorporate a night club setting with fine dining menus. Let’s also say that of the four, there is one restaurant that appears to be doing extremely well on the surface, but is deeply in debt and about to go out of business. Let’s also say this restaurant has been tactically burying bad reviews in an effort to stem the flow of negative publicity. As a further extension, we will now add that the restaurant owners are having a hard time selling it to someone else, and have turned it over to be sold as a shelf company.

Here at (name), we would never ever consider offering this kind of company as a clean shelf company simply because it is anything but “clean”. Aside from possible legal problems stemming from prior business owner actions, you may run into all kinds of other hidden problems that guarantee failure. Never forget that buying an established business that isn’t guaranteed clean like our shelf companies is like buying a used car. No matter how good the car may look, you are still buying someone else’s headache. When it comes to starting your business with a fresh start and the most opportunities, our shelf companies have numerous advantages over ones you may find offered on our competitor’s sites.

No Worries About Hidden Tax Problems

Even though Australian business related taxes are lower than what you will find in other countries, there are still businesses that simply cannot afford to pay them. To add insult to injury, many businesses that have problems paying their taxes also have problems paying for quality accountant services that would catch mistakes in filings or ensure that all filings are done on time. By the time you take into account tax related fines, audits, and other problems, it is easy enough to see why a business owner might put a company up for sale. Depending on who the company is sold to, this may create a situation where a business with outstanding tax problems may wind up being sold as a shelf company.

Sadly, when you work with a less than stellar shelf company seller, there are two places where they may fail to protect your interests:

  • first – they may not conduct a through enough search on the tax history of the business. If the previous owners did business in a different locality, or incurred fines in those localities, missed filings or other problems can easily come up after you make the purchase.

  • Second – the shelf company seller may not perform a deep enough rehab of the business. For example, let’s say the business has an outstanding fine in a locality where you aren’t planning to do business. Now let’s also say the shelf company seller discovered the information about the fine and may have even sent off paperwork to resolve the matter. Unlike (name), these less than stellar companies may put the shelf company up for sale even though the matter isn’t fully and completely resolved. Remember, once you make the purchase, you will be the one that has to deal with these matters.

No Pre-Existing Customer Base With Possible Defective Products

Did you know that Intel is having a major problem right now because a very old design flaw enables hackers to circumvent the operating system and access the computer’s hardware based memory directly? Even though this hack hasn’t been used by criminals yet, Intel and other CPU manufacturers that use similar architecture are facing billions of dollars in lawsuits plus a decline in reputation. It is fair to say that every business that focuses on producing a product or licensing patents for development by others can run into the same problems.

While the previous owner of a company may not have problems to the extent that Intel is dealing with right now, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the possibility that the previous customer base may have had problems with products offered. Fortunately, when you buy a 100% clean shelf company, you will never need to be concerned about the following:

  • consumers that were hurt or harmed by the usage of a product sold by the previous owners. Regardless of whether these people elected to file a lawsuit, you can rest assured that the reputation of the company suffered from poor testimonials.

  • unsuccessful or low calibre quality control that led to products that failed often in the field or were unreliable. This, in turn may have also led to many dissatisfied customers

  • design or production related flaws that gave both the company and the brand a negative image. Without a question, if you are starting a new company with a new set of designs, you deserve the best possible chance for starting off with a client base that will be open minded.

Limitless Branding Potential

Unless you have come up with a product that has never been seen before, you can rest assured people have a number of ideas about how useful it will or won’t be to them. In fact, even if you have something that is similar, yet different in some design elements, people will still have some set opinions that can be difficult to uproot or change. Consider a situation where you have developed a new non-stick coating for a fry pan. Let’s also say you have decided to diverge from the usual round shape for these kitchen tools and decided on an slightly oval form. Have a look at how your branding options improve when you have a 100% clean shelf company to work with:

  • even though people may have some pre-set ideas about your products, they won’t have any specific ideas about your company. This, in turn means that you can explore all kinds of slogans or other branding related media that aren’t constricted by consumer expectations. In this case, consider that if you had bought out an pre-existing business that used a frying pan as a fork in it as an icon, you would more than likely have to use similar branding. When you buy a 100% clear shelf company, you can use just about any logo that is relevant to your topic that doesn’t violate the intellectual property rights of others.

  • A previous business owner may have worked exclusively with one media type or advertising outlet. This, in turn, may have created a situation where it was not possible to work with other outlets that offer similar services. When you buy a shelf company with no previous advertising venues attached, you can easily approach as many venues as you like without concerns over past dealings that might overshadow your efforts.

Build Your Own Proprietary Business Connections

If you look at obtaining a good Google page rank as a way to build a business model, then you already know that the connections you build with other businesses are just as important as the ones you build with consumers and the government. From negotiating worthwhile contracts to getting good prices on production related materials and product delivery, you will find it very important to be free of encumbrances created by former business owners.

Remember, not every pre-owned business was run by a person or group of people that had good business acumen. This, in turn, means that you may have inherited some hidden problems that cannot be easily corrected. On the other side of the equation, when you buy a 100% clean shelf company, you can build your own business contacts and cultivate them to the fullest of your capacity. No matter how tempted you may be to feel secure because you have an existing contact list, it can also be a source of failure. Consider that buying business with an existing set of contacts may have outdated vetting of the list. In this case, contacts that were scrubbed by a previous business owner may have undergone significant change. This, in turn means that a company that may not have been much worth cultivating might give you better value than one listed as a viable contact. When you start off with a clean company, you will have no preconceived notions and a better chance to avoid prejudices that limit your options.

Considering just how rapidly the Australian business environment is growing and changing, you don’t have weeks or months to wait for business founding documents to be processed by the government. At the same time, buying an existing company that isn’t 100% vetted and clean can also come with some serious problems. At (name), we understand the conflicting challenges that come from trying to start a business as quickly as possible without taking unnecessary risks. We believe that our self companies offer the best options, and know for a fact that many business owners agree with us.  Visit our site today and have a look at our offerings and what they can do for you.