How to Reduce Sleep Problems Caused by EMF

If you think the neighbour’s dog barking in the middle of the night causes a major sleep disruption, then you may have some idea of just how troublesome EMF radiation can be. While you cannot hear these silent waves as they move all around and through you, they cause all kinds of problems in your body. From altering brain waves to interfering with hormone production, all of these disruptions add up to poor quality sleep that leads to illness, injury, emotional problems, and poor productivity levels. Therefore, if you are serious about improving sleep quality, it is time to find out more about how to eliminate the harmful effects EMF radiation has on your sleep time.

There are three main ways that EMF can disrupt sleep:

  • perhaps the most obvious, blinking lights, beeps, and other sensory cues can cause you to wake up out of sound sleep, or have a harder time falling asleep. Sadly, even though it is easy enough to shut down cell phones and other EMF generating devices, most people leave them on while they are sleeping. To add insult to injury, most people also put these devices close enough to be in arm’s reach, which means maximum exposure to EMF during sleep hours.

  • In order to control processes throughout the body, your brain sends and receives chemicals in the form of hormones and other molecules. As you may be aware, melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland and controls a range of processes including the sleep/wake cycle and insulin production. The pineal gland only secretes melatonin when light levels are low enough. At this time, it is thought that the brain interprets EMF as “light”, and therefore shuts down melatonin production. Not only does this disrupt sleep, it wreaks havoc with many other processes in the body.

  • Aside from producing chemicals, your brain also sends and receives electrical signals through the nervous system. Since these electrical signals are much lower powered versions of EMF, they can be easily disrupted by devices located outside the body. While your body and brain are able to compensate, this takes a great deal of work and effort that could be spent on making cellular repairs and actually getting some much needed rest.

Eliminating EMF Where You Sleep

Once you become aware of all the hazards posed by exposure to EMF, you can, and should be motivated to at least eliminate as many sources as possible from your sleeping environment. Here are some things you can start with, however you must still have a comprehensive plan to see results. Even one EMF emitting device can still wreak havoc on your body and cause you to believe that eliminating EMF is not going to help with overcoming a range of physical and stress related problems.

  • Start by powering down your phone and placing it in an EMF blocking bag. While you may feel chained to your smartphone during the day hours, there is nothing you need to know, let alone hear about when you are sleeping. If you have an emergency during the night hours, you can always turn the phone back on and make your call. Aside from the EMF itself, just knowing that someone may call, or an email may come in keeps you on alert at some level. When you are sleeping, knowing the phone is off can help you relax and slip into deeper sleep without worry.

  • Get rid of all radio alarm clocks and other devices that have LED screens or use electricity. An old fashioned wind up alarm clock may not awaken you with the pleasant sound of music, however it is much better for your health. As an added bonus, the reduction in light will also help you sleep better and ensure that your body has the completely dark environment it needs for maximum regeneration and repair during the night hours.

  • Never bring computers, laptops, or other electronic devices into your bedroom. Remember, your bedroom is a place for sleeping, not browsing the web or doing other things that require attention. If you are accustomed to reading before bedtime, go back to paper based books. Or, if you want to stay with reading ebooks, then make sure you either put the reader in another room when you are done, or pull the battery out after shutting it down.

  • Keep routers and other EMF broadcasting devices as far away from your bedroom as possible. If you get any kind of WIFI signal in your bedroom, then the router is too close. Sadly, this is one place where you will also have to consider pollution from other devices in the neighbourhood. It will still take a more comprehensive plan involving EMF shielding to make sure your bedroom remains as free of man made radiation as possible.

  • Insofar as managing EMF during sleep time, it is important to note that you must eliminate as many sources as possible even if you are using a radiation shield. Remember, if EMF generating devices are still on, they still act a source of distraction that can rob you of vital sleep even if shielding devices are keeping the EMF from reaching your body.

How EMF Radiation Shielding Works

Even though man made radiation is dangerous, our bodies were formed in a sea of natural radiations. In fact, our Earth emits electromagnetic radiation and has done so since the beginning. Unlike man made radiation that vibrates at a dangerously high level, the Earth’s frequencies, or the Schumann Resonance are much slower. Because our bodies were formed within the context of Earth’s radiation signature, they are also perfectly balanced to function well in its presence. By contrast, our bodies are simply not designed to deal with all the radiations that our species has developed, let alone the high volume of radiations present in the environment these days.

It is possible to generate a stronger Schumann resonance in small, or local areas that will effectively block out man made radiation and prevent it from reaching your body. In a sense, you will be walking around in a safe, invisible bubble that will protect you from EMF in the most common ranges found in homes and business settings today. As a result, even if you have sources of external EMF pollution that cannot be eliminated, or hidden sources in your own home, a radiation shielding device will offer the best protection.

Using the (name)  Full Body Radiation Protection Device

Right now, you may be mainly concerned about the impact of EMF while you are sleeping. Unfortunately, radiation from microwaves, computers, cell phones, and cell phone towers, and even cars poses a serious danger to your health and wellness. While reducing exposure to these dangerous devices may mitigate to a point, much more must be done in a world where EMF exposure levels are doubling and tripling at an alarming rate.

Since the Schumann Resonance can protect your body from these deadly radiations, your best option is to wear a simple device that can stop this radiation from reaching your body. In particular, our (name) devices are portable, lightweight, and easy to carry. You can even wear these attractive disks as a pendant and never worry about about being exposed to EMF again.

Here are just a few benefits you will enjoy when you purchase (name):

  • these small, powerful devices will create a 3 meter invisible shield against EMF around your body. No matter where you go or the density of the radiation this device will keep you safe.

  • It does not matter whether the EMF comes from WIFI routers, plumbing pipes, or other broadcasting devices nearby.  (name)  blocks all of these frequencies regardless of their source and strength.

  • In order to create and maintain a suitable frequency, (name)  is powered by a small battery that must be changed approximately every six months. Unlike other radiation shield devices on the market, you can easily change the battery in our device. Since the battery size is also readily available, you do not need to spend a fortune on the replacements.

Even though losing a good night’s sleep now and then is unavoidable, there are still environmental factors that can be causing problems every night. In this case, the problems caused by exposure to EMF while you sleep will have both immediate and long term consequences. If you want to have more energy throughout your day, lower your risk for heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses, you should at least try shielding your body from EMF while you are sleeping to see if it helps. At the very least, if nothing else has worked for you, this is a new avenue to explore that will lead to improved health beyond expectation. Needless to say, if you are just beginning to notice the effects of sleep deprivation, or haven’t tried other sleeping aides, you can rule out the impact of EMF before you wind up in a much larger cycle of problems.