How to Deal With EMF From Building Plumbing

Have you ever noticed that you get a headache, or feel ill when you remain in certain buildings for even a short period of time. While some of these problems may legitimately come from poor air quality, lighting problems, or other issues, your feeling of illness may also be coming from EMF generated by the building’s plumbing. No matter where you come into contact with this form of EMF, it is every bit as hazardous to your health as other sources that you are working so hard to eliminate. As with other forms of EMF radiation, you may need to do more than simply try to eliminate. all sources of EMF in the building.

Why is EMF from Building Plumbing so Dangerous?

EMF emitted from building plumbing is the same type as you would get from power lines and various devices. Depending on the amount of metal plumbing in the house and the speed of the water moving through those pipes, the EMF may be higher or lower. It is the hidden nature of EMF from building plumbing that makes it more dangerous than other types. While this type of EMF is actually one of the easiest to take care of, the fact that it is often overlooked means that people who want to limit their exposure to EMF wind up without a complete solution. This, in turn, leads to a situation where people have a false sense of security, or worse yet, go on looking for answers to health problems caused by EMF in other places.

Detecting EMF in Building Plumbing

There are three devices you can use to detect EMF coming from building plumbing as well as around your home. Remember, when you are looking at plumbing pipes to make sure that water is running through when you do the test.

  • The most reliable method for detecting EMF is to buy a dedicated meter for this purpose. While the best meters with the most options can be a bit expensive, they will detect even the weaker (but just as deadly) radiation bands with ease. Never forget that the electrical signals emitted by your brain and cells are easily overpowered, and even a weak signal not picked up by certain meter types can still wreak havoc on your body.

  • If you cannot afford a dedicated EMF meter, but have an AM band radio, you can try using that to detect EMF. Simply turn the tuning dial until you are between stations and hear “white noise”. Bring the radio close to any pipe that you suspect is giving off EMF and direct the antenna at it. Snaps, whistles, cracks, or other signs of interference indicate that the radio is picking up some kind of electromagnetic radiation. Since you won’t necessarily be expecting to get WIFI or other higher range signals from building pipes, the radio should work for your needs. If you aren’t certain what kind of sounds to look for, you can try testing the radio out on electric sockets and any appliance that uses electricity.

  • You can also use your smart phone to detect a number of different forms of EMF. First, if you are concerned about WIFI, just visit the settings section of your phone and turn on the WIFI antenna (if your phone has one). The phone will scan for nearby networks and show you which ones are available, as well as the signal strength. Worried about WIFI pollution from a neighbour, passing vehicles, or even from the router in your own home? Just use your phone to find out which signals are reaching a specific area. Insofar as other forms of EMF such as those generated by building pipes, there are also apps that can test for them using the magnetometer in your phone. For example, the free and professional versions of Ultimate EMF Detector can be used to pick up EMF from household pipes and many other sources.

As you search for EMF detecting apps, you are bound to find many that claim they are capable of picking up on ghosts or other paranormal phenomena. You may also detect recognizable sounds or voices when you do the same test using the AM radio. Regardless of whether you do or do not believe in these things, EMF radiation from plumbing pipes is most certainly real and can be detected. If you happen to hear voices or other patterns in the radiation, that may be something you want to investigate further once you have ruled out the actual EMF from the pipes. Remember, radio frequencies are used to carry information including the sounds of voices and other recognizable patterns. Take care of the EMF carrying nature of the pipe itself and then you will have a better chance of sorting out anything else picked up by the app or radio.

How to Eliminate EMF in building Plumbing

To begin, you will need to find out where the EMF is actually coming from. When it comes to household plumbing, some may actually be generated by metal pipes as water passes through them. In a sense, this is no different than the way power generation works in motors, alternators, and generators. It is motion that produces a flow of electrons in sufficient quantity to be measured as a voltage.

EMF in plumbing pipes can also come from external sources that are seeking the fastest way to reach the Earth. Power lines with improper grounding, wiring, or appliances in your home may also produce stray EMF that will find its way to conductive plumbing pipes. Even though you may be getting a reading at these pipes, it never hurts to backtrack and see if any appliances in the home are having an impact.

There are three basic ways to stop household plumbing from emitting EMF:

  • first – you can convert all metal pipes in your home to plastic or some other material that won’t conduct electricity. This can be fairly expensive, and will involve quite a bit of work, especially if you have plumbing pipes in the walls or under the floors where they cannot easily be reached. Some people claim that you only need to put a plastic spacer at the point where water pipes enter your home. Even though this will stop the radiation in one spot, it does not follow that EMF will not continue to be built up as water flows through other metal pipes. Always remember that as long as there is metal and motion, there is a chance that electricity will be generated in that area regardless of what happens in non-conducting areas of the pipes.

  • Second – you can have an electrician ground plumbing pipes for you. Never try this on your own because you never know just how much voltage is being emitted by the pipes. Even certified plumbers have been electrocuted when working on plumbing pipes that are carrying a charge from an unknown source.

  • Third – eliminate any possible reflected sources of radiation or make sure they are grounded. This includes having an electrician make sure all sockets are properly grounded, as well as any power lines that are near your home or entering it.

Other Ways to Protect Your Health

There is no question that getting household plumbing to be free of EMF is a worthwhile cause. On the other side of the equation, this is only one small part of a comprehensive plan to reduce all the health problems caused by excessive EMF exposure. When you can’t capture and stop all sources of EMF, or cannot afford to stop the ones you do find, it is still possible to use an EMF shielding device such as the (name) pendant.

Unlike the radiation emitted by man-made devices, the EMF generated naturally by the Earth, or the Schumann Resonance is actually soothing and healthful to the body. Devices such as (name)  that emit the proper frequency can also create a localized shield that cancels out and blocks WIFI, and other EMF. Therefore, even if you do have plumbing pipes that emit EMF, or other devices that are reflecting EMF onto the plumbing pipes, (name)  can protect you from this damaging radiation.

When researchers began studying the links between EMF and illness, there were far fewer devices emitting dangerous levels of electronic smog. Today, the reliance on cell phones, tablets, smart power meters, computerized car systems, electronic weather stations, and thousands of other devices means that most people are, in fact, exposed to dangerously high levels of EMF. Rather than spend the rest of your life feeling sick because your environment is similar to standing next to a power generating station, you can take steps to shield your home and body, as well as do what you can to eliminate the amount of electric smog you generate on a daily basis. In particular, if you are able to modify the plumbing pipes in your own home, it makes good sense to call a plumber or electrician and have the system adjusted so that EMF cannot flow through your home.