Brainwaves For Beginners

Did you know that even something as outwardly simple as taking a breath requires the coordination of millions of cells in your body? In order to achieve even the smallest task, your brain must also coordinate millions of cells within itself to achieve breathing along with countless other simultaneous goals. Typically, these processes all involve timing and coordinating so that everything happens at an appropriate and optimal time. Since your brain uses electrical signals as well as chemical ones, there are discernible electromagnetic frequencies that reveal what your brain is doing at any given moment. In order to understand how binaural beats work and many other things that impact your wellness and sense of well being, it is very important to understand how the brain’s varying electromagnetic frequencies impact your life and what you are doing at any given moment.

What are Brainwaves and How do They Work?

Your brain is similar to your heart in the sense that millions of cells must work together in a synchronized fashion to get a much larger job done. While your heart uses an electrical pulse to keep all the cells synchronized over the course of a heartbeat, your brain uses an electrically based rhythm, or “brain wave” to produce states of consciousness and coherent functions within that state. In the case of your brain, however, each neuron produces an electrical pulse, while heart cells are controlled by just a few cells that set the rhythm. When the neurons in your brain are collectively producing the same rhythm in a synchronized fashion, a detectable brainwave forms.

It is also important to note that researchers are finding out that the brain doesn’t necessarily stay stuck in one rhythm for hours on end. Rather, it changes from one state to another as you go about day and night related tasks. Researchers have also found that the origin of a new wave does not always originate in the same part of the brain. For example, when your brain enters the Alpha state during waking hours, the wave is usually centred near the back of the head in the Occipital region. On the other hand, if your brain enters the Alpha state while you are asleep, the wave is usually centred in the front part of the brain.

Aside from how organized the brain waves are, and the source of origin, their speed of oscillation that play the most well known role in daily activities. In particular, slower brain waves are associated with sleep and dreaming, while faster ones are associated with carrying out normal waking tasks. As researchers learn more about the way the brain works and its brainwave oscillation rates, they are also discovering that advanced mediation practitioners also have a unique brainwave oscillation rate that includes an emotional sense of well being that doesn’t always occur in other states of consciousness.

Beta Waves

This is the fastest moving brainwave (oscillates at 12 – 38 HZ) that your neurons and nervous system can comfortably manage. Typically, your brain is in this state when you are awake and engaged in daily activities. It is often considered the main state you are in when you are trying to make decisions, solve problems, and engage in the world outside your body. Despite that, many people feel that the Beta state is not the most ideal for allowing creativity to play a role in problem solving. Since the Beta state is also associated with higher stress levels, some claim that a higher degree of external awareness isn’t always the best indicator of which state you should be in when trying to think you way through something.

Alpha Waves

Alpha brainwaves are slightly slower than Beta waves and oscillate at 8 – 13 HZ. In the awake Alpha state, you will still be conscious of everything going on around you, but you won’t be as affected by it. It should also be noted that Alpha waves occur while you are sleeping, however researchers haven’t determined their purpose or effect on the sleeping mind.

Light meditation and intense focus on a task can easily shift you into the Alpha state when you are awake. For example, if you are studying, creating a piece of art, or just thinking intently on a topic while cooking, there is a good chance that your brain is actually in the Alpha state. Since your brain and body are actually more relaxed in the Alpha state, it is often the one most associated with creative thinking, advanced problem solving, and an increased sense of wellness.

Overall, you will find that when it comes to healing and making life improvements, the Alpha state is the easiest one to reach, and can also deliver a significant amount of benefit. This is one of the reasons why many binaural beat programs, including those created by Audio Mental Training are dedicated to putting your brain in the Alpha state. Once in this state, your brain is more receptive to positive affirmations and other programming that will increase your rate of success in just about any area of life.

Gamma Waves

Technically speaking, the neurons in your brain, during normal functioning, aren’t supposed to oscillate faster than the Beta state. On the other side of the equation, there are two states when your brain actually produces a faster oscillation. First, in seizure disorders, the brain rhythm can go much higher. Second, there is a fascinating oscillation and wave produced by people advanced in the art of meditation that oscillates at approximately 40 HZ, although it can go as high as 100 HZ. Up until recently, there has been considerable controversy about whether or not this brain wave even exists because old fashioned EEG machines could not record these values. Modern digital equipment, however, proves that this brain state and oscillation rate do exist.

Typically, your brain can enter the gamma state when you are sleeping as well as during meditation with a focus on compassion. Since the gamma brainwave tends to create an increased synchronization among neurons, the gamma state is also referred to as the unity consciousness. It is also suspected that the wave effect over the brain starts in the back of the brain and moves forward.

Theta Waves

Typically, the Theta state only occurs when you are asleep or deeply relaxed. In this state, your brainwaves oscillate at 4 – 7 HZ. Even though you may not appear to be aware of much going on around you, many researchers have found that this brain state is optimal for speed learning. As a result, you will find all kinds of educational programs that take advantage of this brain state for learning languages or other subjects where rapid immersion learning is important. Since the Theta brain state is also better for memory retention, it is also often the target of programs designed to improve overall memory capacity throughout the day and regardless of the brain state you may be in.

Insofar as binaural beats, some developers have also noted great success in using this state to program the brain and change behaviours. No matter whether you want to stop smoking or improve your mental outlook on money and finances, there is a good chance that binaural beat programs will use this state for at least some part of each session.

Delta Waves

Even though Delta waves are the slowest of the “normal” waves (the next level is coma) that your brain produces, they are also some of the most fascinating. When your brainwaves oscillate between .5 and 4 HZ, you are in dreamless, deep sleep. In this stage, your brain is actually far more receptive to suggestions than it is in the Theta state. As a result, many binaural beat programs used during sleep sessions bring your brainwaves into a Delta state.

Today, researchers are finding out that many diseases also cause a disruption in Delta wave patterns. Some researchers are also looking at various biofeedback mechanisms to see if it is possible to “retrain” the brain to produce more normalized Delta brain waves. While these researchers aren’t necessarily looking at binaural beats for this retraining process, there is no doubt that this form of music, can, in fact, cause your brain to oscillate at a different frequency. At some point in the future, it may become more common to use various means of retraining Delta brain waves to diabetes, brain tumours, schizophrenia, ADHD, and many other disorders.

If you are uplifted by a song, or the appearance of the sun, you may already begin to suspect that changes in your brainwaves can alter your outlook and your actions. Today, researchers are also beginning to realize that changing brainwaves can also be used to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Since your sense of wellness and wholeness as a major impact on your ability to learn, make money, and engage in healthy relationships, it makes sense to take advantage of methods that will help shift your brainwaves into more constructive patterns. Here at (name), we have put our best research and experience into developing a system of binaural beats that will help you improve vital areas of your life. Visit our site today to find out more about how you can put your brain’s natural ability to produce waves of energy to the best possible use.