5 Alternatives to PayPal You Must Consider for Your Website

As you work through the challenges associated with operating a successful ecommerce website, you are bound to wonder if it will be of use to expand the payment options people can use on the site. While Paypal is still important for websites in Australia and throughout the world, there are other ecommerce solutions that you might want to consider. This includes cryoptcurrencies as well as more traditional online payment gateways.


Even though Skrill is not as popular as Paypal, it tends to be the most common second choice of electronic payment for people buying goods and services online. This company has had its share of growing pains since changing its brand from MoneyBookers to Skrill. Nevertheless, if you are interested in an ecommerce site that can still meet the needs of buyers on your site, Skrill is an excellent gateway to add.

Skrill can be used with just about all of the most popular currencies. You can also get a debit card to access your account in Euro, USD, GBP, and PLN currencies. It should also be noted that while Paypal is a US based company, Skrill is backed by the UK. Therefore, if you are concerned about the impact in trade partnerships and currency transfers from one country to another, it never hurts to have a Skrill account because the difference in banking rules may just enable you to get paid. As a case in point, look at the difference between using Paypal vs Skrill in India. Needless to say, if your target audience is in India, you will be at a serious loss if you use Paypal as your exclusive gateway!

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is similar to Paypal in the sense that you can send and receive money easily online using desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Many consumers interested in the latest technology for sending money are likely to have Google Wallet because it is tightly paired with the Android mobile OS. It is also one of the first to offer advanced features such as:

  • you do not need a debit card to draw money from your account when purchasing items at a mortar and brick store. Instead, you can send money to the point of sale terminal via the Android Pay app. In order for this technology to work, however, your phone must be equipped with a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip. This chip essentially has a special antenna that allows the device to transmit information at very close distances. Today, most phones on the market have NFC capability, as do most store based transaction terminals.

  • Unlike conventional debit cards, Google Wallet never sends personal information, even when using Android Pay at a point of sale terminal. The app is just as secure, if not moreso than the newer chip based debit cards that are taking the place of stripe based models.

  • Google Wallet is ready and able to keep up with the latest security features. Consumers can include fingerprint identification for transactions as well as just about anything else that their phone has the capacity to measure. Therefore, as consumers grow more and more concerned about privacy issues and keeping their money safe, Google Wallet is likely to become the method of choice for online payments. As with Skrill, adding this often overlooked payment method to your site may give you a larger than expected advantage over competitors.


Since SecurePay is based in Australia, you can rest easy knowing that all of the options available are tailor made to your company and anyone in the country that you may be providing services to. Insofar as cost, you will find that SecurePay is cheaper than many other credit card processing solutions and merchant gateway vendors. As an added bonus, you can also choose between a pay-as-you go structure, high volume discount plans, or simply pre-pay for a specific period of time. If you or your clients are looking for maximum flexibility when it comes to managing merchant gateway fees, you will find no solution better than SecurePay.

Aside from being able to accept payments directly from clients, you can add another vital layer of service that isn’t usually possible with other merchant gateways. Consider a situation where you are a web developer, IT security specialist, or someone else that routinely helps other businesses establish and maintain web based payment systems. When you get established with SecurePay, you can set up your client’s website using the exact same tools, apps, and services that you use for your own business. If you are looking to offer the next level of service to your clients, being able to say that you can seamlessly set up their merchant gateway will be a definite advantage.


Today, Australian citizens and business owners enjoy a number of freedoms that people in other countries do not enjoy. As such, it should come as no surprise that the desires and dreams of the oppressed will cause people to try to buy goods and services that will meet their needs from businesses in other countries. This is just one of many reasons why people that are interested in your products may want to pay for them using Bitcoins.

It should also be noted that citizens in more advanced nations are becoming increasingly concerned about the implications of both national and global currency collapses. Since Bitcoin is not backed by a national currency, it remains independent of all the problems occurring on the global FOREX markets. Therefore, when these potential customers are looking for a way to pay for goods and services, they may want to use Bitcoins as a means of protecting their capacity to even purchase goods and services. If you have never lived through or experienced a “bank holiday” where all currencies are suddenly devalued, then you may not realize the kind of mayhem it can cause, and the potential security that Bitcoins offer in terms of exchanging money for goods and services.

While offering Bitcoins as a payment option for your site has some distinct advantages, great care must also be taken. Among other things, you will need to see how or if the Australian government decides to regulate Bitcoin transactions. It is also very important to make sure that you convert most, if not all of the money you obtain in Bitcoins to Australian currency as soon as possible. In a sense, you can think of Bitcoins as a payment method combined with an investing option. A massive and sudden change in the value of the Bitcoins in your account can leave you with a pleasant increase in funds, or it can decimate months of hard work. To get the most out of Bitcoin payments from clients, never leave more in the Bitcoin wallet than you can afford to lose.


Right now, Bitcoin is the oldest and most well established decentralized cryptocurrency on Earth. On the other side of the equation, Etherium is gaining in popularity as people around the world look to invest in the basic blockchain currency blueprint pioneered by Bitcoin. While Etherium has had its share of problems, it is also gaining in value on a daily basis.

If your business is dedicated to web based services, or you are planning to work more with the Web of Things and other emerging technologies, Etherium is likely to be favoured by your target audience. Do not forget we are living in a world where people can personalize just about every aspect of their lives, including a wide choice of banking and payment options. As a result, if your audience is one that might like Etherium or may have already bought into it, then offering this payment option on your site will be more important than other more conventional options.

Needless to say, if the global money markets continue to fluctuate because of the possibilities of warfare, natural disasters, and other problems, you can rest assured more people will be quietly looking to have at least one cryptocurrency to fall back on. Unless Bitcoin drops significantly in value in the next few months, people will more than likely gravitate to Etherium because there is a larger potential for investment profit. As with offering Bitcoin, you will still need to convert your Etherium based payments as quickly as possible into Australian dollars and avoid leaving anything in Etherium that you can’t afford to lose.

Even though you may not pay much attention to shifts and changes in the FOREX markets, the value of one nation’s currency when compared to other countries has a significant impact on your business. Here at (name) and (name), we are ready to help you integrate any payment gateway of interest on your site. In particular, if you are interested in marketing digital products, or have some other product that can be sold worldwide, it makes sense to go beyond PayPal for receiving customer payments. Since people in foreign countries are increasingly concerned about currency collapse and protecting their money, you are also likely to find that cryptocurrencies are going to be a payment method of choice even for routine transactions.